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If you’ve been in an accident and had a personal injury, you’ve come to the right place.  Whether your personal injury is from a simple motor vehicle accident or construction disaster, we can help. The law office of Bates & Riordan, LLP has great success in personal injury matters. We offer free consultations on all personal injury cases.

If you’ve been convicted of a crime and want to appeal, we can help you there also. We have extensive experience with criminal appeals, both for felonies and misdemeanors.  We have argued many first degree murder convictions in the Supreme Judicial Court. We offer free consultations on all criminal appeals.

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Mr. Riordan, I quite literally owe you my life and could never thank you enough; my family as well. – Eddie

Just a quick note to say thank you for all your hard work. …My stress level has dropped drastically. You showed me light at the end of the tunnel. Once again, thank you. – Jonathan

Recent Blog Posts

The next step after the jury convicts: Appeal!

by Deborah Bates Riordan, Esq. and Theodore Riordan, Esq. The jury just came in.  They found you guilty.  This blog discusses the next step, filing an appeal. One of the most important conversations a trial attorney will have with a client who’s just been convicted is whether the client wishes to appeal.  In almost every […]

The Statute of Limitations a/k/a You Snooze You Lose

by Deborah Bates Riordan, Esq. and Theodore Riordan, Esq. Time matters when it comes to personal injury claims.  If you delay pursuing your claim, you may lose your rights and get nothing. Generally speaking, in Massachusetts you have three years from the date of an accident to file a negligence lawsuit against the person responsible […]

Collateral Effects of a Criminal Conviction (the many ways your life may be affected by the conviction)

by Deborah Bates Riordan, Esq. and Theodore Riordan, Esq. If you’re convicted by the jury, the judge is going to sentence you.  You may think that the punishment ordered by the judge is the end of it.  Maybe.  But it could also just be the beginning.  This blog discusses the many ways your life may […]

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