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Take our Personal Injury Law Quiz.  Here are some questions we’ve been asked by clients.  Do you have the same questions?

Question One

I was crossing the road and a car hit me!  The driver didn’t even bother to stop.  I have health insurance, but I have a copayment and a deductible.  Plus I missed time from work.  Is there anything you can do for me?


Yes, we can help.  We can get your medical bills paid, without a copayment or a deductible.  We can also get you paid for the time you missed at work.  That’s called a PIP (“Personal Injury Protection”) claim.  Without going into all the details, if you or a relative in your house has a vehicle, then the insurance policy for that vehicle will pay your medical bills and lost wages.  Even though that vehicle had nothing to do with the accident!  Even if there’s no insured vehicle in your house, we can still help.  We can make a special kind of PIP claim through the state.

The PIP claim will pay your medical bills and wages.  But what about the inconvenience, pain, and mental trauma that you experienced from getting hit by a car!  We may be able to help you out there also.  There’s a special kind of insurance claim that covers that covers this exact situation…someone injured by a hit and run vehicle.  This is called an Uninsured Motorist claim.

You may also be entitled to make other claims. A more detailed interview with a lawyer at Bates & Riordan can fully explain all of your legal rights and remedies. Contact Us for a free, no-obligation consultation.


Question Two

I was injured in a car accident recently. I didn’t go to the emergency room because I don’t have health insurance. I really need to see a doctor but I just lost my job, so I can’t pay for it. What should I do?


Call us.  When you’re involved in a car accident, auto insurance pays your medical bills. The auto insurance is primarily responsible. It doesn’t matter whether you have health insurance.

Also, even though you’re unemployed, you’re also entitled to make a claim for your “lost wages.”  Under Massachusetts law, when an unemployed person is disabled from a car accident, they are entitled to be paid as if they had a job. Usually the payment is based on the minimum wage. The reasoning is that even though you were unemployed at the time of the accident, maybe you would have found a job. But now you can’t work at that job because you’re disabled from the accident.

You may also be entitled to make other claims. A more detailed interview with a lawyer at Bates & Riordan can fully explain all of your legal rights and remedies. Contact Us for a free, no-obligation consultation.


Question Three

I was at work when a guy delivering a heavy box dropped it on my foot. It crushed my foot, breaking two bones.  I had two surgeries and I’ve have been out of work for a month. My medical bills and wages have been paid by workers compensation insurance. However, I’m not getting paid anything for my constant pain.  Also, I’m a pretty active person but I can’t do anything now.  Can you help me?


Workers compensation is great. But it’s pretty limited. When you’re hurt, your whole life is affected.  It’s not just a question of getting your medical bills and wages paid.

If you were injured at work by someone else’s negligence, you can collect workers compensation and make a claim against the negligent person (and that person’s employer!). This is called a “Third Party Claim.”  In this claim, you will be compensated for your pain, discomfort, and stress.

You are also entitled to be paid for your inability to do the things in life that you enjoy.  It could be a physical thing like going on walks, going shopping, going to the gym, cooking, or playing sports.  Or it could be that you’re so distracted from the accident that you can’t do more thinking things like Sudoku, reading, or a crossword puzzle. The law recognizes that you are entitled to be compensated for these quality-of-life kinds of injury. It can be hard to place a dollar value on these injuries, but that’s why you work with an experienced attorney.  An experienced attorney at Bates & Riordan knows how to translate these injuries into a money value.

It may not be obvious that you can make a negligence claim. In this particular example, there was a delivery man. But if you were injured by a defective chair or a defective machine or something like that, then you could bring a claim against that product’s manufacturer.
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Disclaimer: This Quiz provides general information about Massachusetts law. It’s not legal advice. The laws mentioned in this quiz may not apply to your case. Only careful consideration of the facts particular to your situation by one of the experienced lawyers at Bates & Riordan can determine your legal rights.